Re: Screen Capturing with AS

Doug Alcorn (
28 Oct 1998 09:18:22 -0500

"\(Cybiades\) Peter B" <> writes:

> Thank you very much! Actually, xwd lets you save it in .xpm format
> too...I tried xwd -out boogle.xpm and it saves it as an xpm...I haven't
> tried saving it as a JPEG or GIF yet...but thank you once again!

Now try to open those xpm files with an image viewer program.  The
catch is that xwd will let you put whatever extenstion you want onto
the file.  That doesn't mean that the file is in the xpm image
format.  It only means it has an xpm extension.  In Unix, file
extentions are not as meaningfull as they are in MS-DOS.

I would recommend you 'mv file.xpm file.xwd'. Then convert the file as 
David suggested.  The reason I would say to rename the file is that
extensions are meaningful to _you_.

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