Re: RGB to HEX converter??

Doug Alcorn (
28 Oct 1998 09:22:37 -0500

katchomko <> writes:

>   Can anyone point this linux newbie to an app that can convert RGB
> color id's to Hex id's? Or better yet, choose colors and show me the hex
> value? 

What I use is xmag.  This takes a square of the screen and blows it up 
many times so that individual pixels are distinguishable.  Then if you 
click on those pixels, xmag will show you the hex value.  However, it
uses the longer version of the hex values (i.e. #ffff0000ffff) instead 
of the type of values most applications expect (i.e. #ff00ff).  So,
just drop every other two digets.

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