Re: Zharf

Tomas Duewiger (
28 Oct 1998 18:18:56 +0100

Coplan <> writes:

> I got a question about Zharf...
> I havn't fooled with it much yet, but I accidentally started it the other
> day, and it had NO icons.  This isn't bad, in fact its good.  I like
> icons, but I don't like big icons.  What I saw was just the zharf bar with
> titles...nothing else.  Only about 25-30 pixels high.  However, I have not
> been able to duplicate that again.  I'd really like to, because for a
> while, I won't be able to use anything higher than 800x600.  Anyone have
> any ideas?  Or is this just a rare non-fatal bug?

Of course you can define Zharf not to use icons. If you define a string
instead of an icon it should work:
*Zharf XEmacs XEmacs Exec "xemacs" xemacs &

for example should show you a button with the string XEmacs on it.

*ZharfGeometry	20x400-1+20
you should get a 20 pixel in height zharf.


Tomas Duewiger