Wharf icon and drips

Kevin Chu (kevin@portal.ca)
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 01:48:53 -0800

Thanks for the FAQ, Andrew.  I was playing with some config files and
broke something, and one FAQ that helped me a lot was "Why can't I
find the man page for Wharf?"  :)  Man pages are great.  I hate those
Info things.  I'm sure they're useful but I can't be bothered to learn
the viewer.

There is some stuff that's still broken though.  First, I've lost my
Wharf icon.  The one on top that retracts and expands the Wharf when
you click button three on it.  I have:

*WharfTextureType       128
*WharfPixmap            ASBBlockDefault.xpm

in ~/G/L/A/wharf, and I also have


I'm running in 24 bpp.  I don't remember whether there were 24 bpp
versions of those XPMs.

Second, when I enable Audio, sometimes when the focus changes I get
TWO drip sounds.  Why?  I thought it might have something to do with
some applications like Communicator having more than one window for
the same app, but sometimes it happens when switching focus between

Here's a question that's probably a FAQ but I didn't stumble across
the answer (yet):  Once Audio is enabled, how do you disable it?  I've
just been doing a ps and a kill.  Is there a better way?

This is a Red Hat 5.1 system with AfterStep


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