Re: Wharf icon and drips

Andrew Sullivan (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 13:12:47 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Kevin Chu wrote:

> There is some stuff that's still broken though.  First, I've lost my
> Wharf icon.  The one on top that retracts and expands the Wharf when
> you click button three on it.  I have:
> *WharfTextureType       128
> *WharfPixmap            ASBBlockDefault.xpm

This is not your Wharf icon.  This is the pixmap that goes behind all the
other icons.

The line you're probably looking for is this:

# AfterStep documentation
*Wharf afterstepdoc AfterStep3.xpm Exec "-" afterstepdoc &

It's in the "entries" section.  The "AfterStep3.xpm" (or whatever yours
is) is the icon.  What did you do before you lost that icon?  It should be
in the pixmap path, in any case.   That's defined in your base.nbpp file.

> Second, when I enable Audio, sometimes when the focus changes I get
> TWO drip sounds.  Why?  I thought it might have something to do with
> some applications like Communicator having more than one window for
> the same app, but sometimes it happens when switching focus between
> xterms.

This is probably because you also have "drip" defined as the sound for
lowering a window, or something.  Check the audio config file.

> Here's a question that's probably a FAQ but I didn't stumble across
> the answer (yet):  Once Audio is enabled, how do you disable it?  I've
> just been doing a ps and a kill.  Is there a better way?

You can kill it, just as you suggest.  In the most recent versions,
there's a start menu control for stopping a module, but I don't think it's
in your version.  If you want audio not to start up when you start AS,
remove the call to the audio module in your autoexec file.


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