Re: Wharf icon and drips

Kevin Chu (
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 15:42:36 -0800

Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> > There is some stuff that's still broken though.  First, I've lost my
> > Wharf icon.  The one on top that retracts and expands the Wharf when
> > you click button three on it.  I have:

> This is not your Wharf icon.  This is the pixmap that goes behind all the
> other icons.
> The line you're probably looking for is this:
> #
> # AfterStep documentation
> #
> *Wharf afterstepdoc AfterStep3.xpm Exec "-" afterstepdoc &

Okay, I uncommented that and got the Wharf icon back.  Thanks.  :) 
Why is it called documentation?  I commented it out because I thought
it had something to do with the AfterStep documentation (yes that's
what it's called) in a default Red Hat installation (which was on the
start menu).

Red Hat seems to have put another pixmap behind all the other icons.

> > Second, when I enable Audio, sometimes when the focus changes I get
> > TWO drip sounds.  Why?  I thought it might have something to do with

> This is probably because you also have "drip" defined as the sound for
> lowering a window, or something.  Check the audio config file.

Yes, you're right here too!

> You can kill it, just as you suggest.  In the most recent versions,
> there's a start menu control for stopping a module, but I don't think it's
> in your version.  If you want audio not to start up when you start AS,
> remove the call to the audio module in your autoexec file.

I'll just keep killing it then.  I didn't put it into the autoexec
file because I haven't read enough documentation to figure out what
the Function ..., EndFunction, Wait, Exec, and "I" are for yet.  I
started Audio with the Modules menu off the start menu.

Once I found the man pages, AfterStep suddenly got a whole lot
better.  Before, a lot of the menu items "didn't do anything."  Now I
know how to put scrollbars on a window, I know what animations they're
talking about, etc..  :)


Kevin Chu