Problems with Start

Rick Giguere (
Sun, 04 Oct 1998 20:52:54 -0400

Hi there ..

I'm running AfterStep, installed via RPM on a RedHat5.1

I faithfully copied over all of the configuration files and directories
to the appropriate location off my home directory.

Whenever I chage any configuration FILES, the changes take place just
fine when I restart AfterStep.

Whenever I make any changes to my start SUBDIRECTORY, the changes don't
show up on my start menu.  I'm changing the start directories off my
home directory, not the system-wide set.  I added a new directory, and
that submenu does NOT show up on my start menu.

In addition, I changed one instance of starting xiterm on the start menu
so that it starts nxterm instead,to see if that would "take", and it did
with one exception - the title bar still says xiterm.  (xiterm is very
nice, but when you highlight something for click-and-paste, the text
stays in the buffer but the highlighting disappears, which is VERY
annoying.)  Where is the text for the titlebar coming from?  I've looked
in all the config files, but can't seem to find out where that text is

Thanks in advance for any help ...