Peter Berck (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 15:49:54 PST

Two replies rolled in one.

//From: Dave Taira <>
//From, I followed
//the link to,
//grabbed it, gunzipped it, untarred it, and it looked okay. No 
//Try it again. 8) FYI, for anyone who isn't aware, .tgz = tar & gzip.
//GNU tar supports gzip/gunzip, tar czf will create a .tgz.

//From: (Albert Dorofeev)
//Don't click on the URL. Shift-click or use the right
//mouse button and choose "Save link as".
//Tried it again, still no go.

I have to use navigator to download it, I shift-click on
the link, and save it to disk. That same partition is 
mounted under linux, and I copy it to /usr/something,
and then I can't gunzip it.
(Downloading has to be down from from windows (of
which I know nothing at all, it's not my computer,
and I have always had non-msdos/mswin computers.
Maybe there is some setting wrong?).

This same technique works with almost everything else.
Come to think of it - it also doesn't work with the icon-
collections ( They cause problems too.
Everything else I downloaded this way has always decompressed
without problems.

I just want to know why, ASCP is not that important :-)


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