Re: Upgrading AS, libc5 okay?

David LaMothe (
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 19:47:30 -0500 (EST)

On 30-Oct-98 David Mihm wrote:


>glibc2 is evil, just like gtk 1.1.x :)  It's a sad day in the
>Linux community when applications require alpha/beta or extremely new
>libraries or toolkits (like those above).  Making applications only work
>when compiled with things like egcs or pgcc is also just as evil. It's a
>sad, sad day. :(
>       Thankfully Afterstep does not require any of these ridiculus hoops
>for you to jump through.
>      We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.   

Hmm. I gather this is a hot topic in the developer groups. Anyway, now I don't
feel so bad having libc5. Maybe we should dress up as a "glibc" for Halloween
:-). I just finished compiling on my poor old 486/66 and got a
couple of errors: 1) [...] src/afpager_noxpm 'no rule to make all  stop'
                           2) You must have sgmltools [...] to make afterdoc.
The compilling did seem to complete, however. So I went to the FAQ and found
nothing about sgmltools, but did read that I should go ahead with the latest
1.5beta (beta5). I'm going to compile that right now.