Couple of questions on AS customization.

Paul J. Bolle (
Mon, 5 Oct 1998 02:09:00 -0600 (MDT)

	I'm a little confused as to the behavior of AS (v1.4.5.55N6),
in regards to two little local anomalies I've run into.

	I've specified an IconBox in my looks file, yet anything I
iconify places the icon at the upper-right corner of where the window
used to be - as if shrinking it down to that coordinate. I can't seem
to override this by changing the IconBox property, nor do I know where
else to look. I realize it's seemingly not a big deal, but it becomes
a hassle when the upper-right corner is beneath another window, and I
have to move or shade this window to get at the icon, and, well, I
believe IconBox was designed for a reason. :-)

	The other odd thing I noticed is in the customization of the
TitleButtons on the windows. Any changes I make to their functionality
don't seem to take effect, either by restarting or the various Update
options in the start menu. 

	I also wish to remove a couple of them, and when I did so in
my look file and restarted AS, I was dropped back to my text prompt,
and could not restart X with AS until I fished out and replaced the
look files from underneath the ~/G/L/A/non-configurable hierarchy with
old ones that worked. I was then able to start AS properly. In a
nutshell, what am I doing wrong here?

	If it helps, my goal is this: I wish to remove the two left
TitleButtons on all my windows (by install they were there, one acts
as the "Alt-Tab" binding, the other brings down the default "This
Window:" submenu), leaving only the other three that iconify, shade,
and kill/close on the right side of the title bar.

	My thanks well in advance.

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