Re: Couple of questions on AS customization.

Ethan (
Mon, 5 Oct 1998 15:27:17 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Paul J. Bolle wrote:

> 	I'm a little confused as to the behavior of AS (v1.4.5.55N6),
> in regards to two little local anomalies I've run into.
> 	I've specified an IconBox in my looks file, yet anything I
> iconify places the icon at the upper-right corner of where the window
> used to be - as if shrinking it down to that coordinate. I can't seem
> to override this by changing the IconBox property, nor do I know where
> else to look. I realize it's seemingly not a big deal, but it becomes
> a hassle when the upper-right corner is beneath another window, and I
> have to move or shade this window to get at the icon, and, well, I
> believe IconBox was designed for a reason. :-)
> 	The other odd thing I noticed is in the customization of the
> TitleButtons on the windows. Any changes I make to their functionality
> don't seem to take effect, either by restarting or the various Update
> options in the start menu. 
> 	I also wish to remove a couple of them, and when I did so in
> my look file and restarted AS, I was dropped back to my text prompt,
> and could not restart X with AS until I fished out and replaced the
> look files from underneath the ~/G/L/A/non-configurable hierarchy with
> old ones that worked. I was then able to start AS properly. In a
> nutshell, what am I doing wrong here?

Hmm.  My first thought was that you were not selecting the new look and 
feel from the start menu, but since you found the button-changing bug, 
that can't be right.  The steps are:

Change the look or feel file.
Select the look or feel from the start menu.
Update look or feel, or restart AS.

The button removal problem is a known bug - it is documented in the FAQ:

> 	If it helps, my goal is this: I wish to remove the two left
> TitleButtons on all my windows (by install they were there, one acts
> as the "Alt-Tab" binding, the other brings down the default "This
> Window:" submenu), leaving only the other three that iconify, shade,
> and kill/close on the right side of the title bar.

This is much easier and safer in 1.5beta4, where removing the buttons 
from the look file is all that is necessary.

Ethan Fischer