Compiling problems on SGI solved

Benjamin J. Tracy (
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 10:00:18 -0400 (EDT)

Howdy folks!

I found a problem with the way the Makefile was constructed on my SGI box.
I was getting unresolved symbols because the ordering of the libraries in
the link command was incorrect.  I don't have any clue why it worked for
anybody else to be honest (maybe you guys have a smarter ld program than
SGI).  The fix is to make sure that the afterstep library appears *before*
the -lX11 arguement on the link command line.  This is because
libafterstep makes calls to libX11 and thus depends on it being there.  It
just so happens that in such a case, you have to list the libraries that
have dependencies first and the ones that are depended on last, or you
risk the exact problem that I had (unresolved symbols).  I thought that
the ordering rule was a UNIX wide rule, but apparently not.. :-)

I have no idea how to fix the problem however, because I am not familiar
with the comfigure process.  Can somebody help?

This problem appeared somewhere between 1.4.5.N6 and b4 by the way.. N6
compiled nicely, and I've been using that until I figured this out.