Re: Sticky titlebars

Michal Vitecek (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 15:35:25 +0200

Benjamin J. Tracy wrote:
>Unfortunately, AFAIK, there is no way to fix this other than a patch to
>the code.  Please correct me if I am wrong.

 this bug has been fixed in AS version 1.5pre0. so anything later has this
 bug fixed. i advice u use the latest and greatest AS (currently 1.5b4 and
 5 patches) which is really stable and has many improvements over the old

>On Tue, 6 Oct 1998, Axel von Arnim wrote:
>> Hi there!
>>   I don't know how windows reduced to their titlebar are called, but I
>> have a problem with them. I managed to have non sticky icons (comment out
>> StickyIcons in the feel file), but I don't know how to do the same with
>> these titlebars. Has anybody an answer?


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