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Kristoffer Tveit (
06 Oct 1998 15:13:01 +0200

Edward Gonzalez <> writes:

> Hello,
> I'm running RH5.1 and AfterStep 1.4 (RedHat version) I wanted to to upgrade
> to AfterStep version 1.5 beta, so I downloaded the rpm and ran the package
> as an upgrade (rpm -U command) and everything went fine; I did not get any
> error messages. So, when I went back in X I was taken back to WVM95 (the
> default windows manager for RH); I thought maybe by changing my window
> manager selection to AfterStep that will take me back to where I wanted to
> be, it did; however, whenever I exit X and go back in, it takes me back to
> WVM95. I read the FAQ and I the fix there is not helping me. What should I
> do? Should I just remove the 1.5 beta and go back to 1.4?
> Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
You can try to edit you .xinitrc file and make the last line


(no ampersand (&) after the line because you don't want to run your
wm as a background prosess.
Make sure the file dosn't start up another wm before this line.
Acctually a .xinitrc file that only say's afterstep should work
just fine.

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