Re: Beta 5

Dagmar d'Surreal (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 12:11:22 -0500 (CDT)

On 6 Oct 1998, Doug Alcorn wrote:

> <nearly random spewwing of potential nonsense>
> It the above happens to be true, wouldn't it be nice to have a
> feature that would cause the mouse pointer to always jump inside the
> child window.  The would prevent the unwanted parent autoraising
> feature.
> <\wistfull hoping for something that may exist>

Noooo... BAD!  :(  I there's one thing I can't stand, it's a spastic mouse
pointer.  It should go where I put it and not go racing off somewhere
else.  It just slows me down because I have to waste time looking for
where it zipped off to, instead of looking at where I'm about to try to
click.  Please, please, Mr. Developers, please if you make any more
spastic mouse options, make them disableable.  (Something about forcing
the mouse to the window to get around the focus problem sounds like a
kludge, anyway.  :/  )