Re: Beta 5

David Mihm (
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 16:48:27 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 6 Oct 1998, Benjamin J. Tracy wrote:

! Howdy folks!
! Just wanted to bring up a couple of problems I've been having with beta 5. 

	Are you referring to 1.5beta4 (latest "official" development
release) or the (incorrectly named) AfterStep-1.5.0-x.i386.rpm?

! 1. Menus sometimes seem to disappear several times when traversing several
! of them before appearing.  That is, I try to open a cascading menu, and it
! takes several tries before the next one appears.  It flashes and then goes
! away.

	It's all in the wrist. :)  The mouse must be in the last (approx)
20% of the inmaginary horizontal bar that is an item in the menu.  If you
use the segmented menu, then this is your guide.  If you overshoot this,
then the next menu will open and/or the previous menu will close.  I hope
this is clear.

! 2. Pager every once in a while just quits for no good reason that I can
! determine.  Restarting with the menu works fine, if I can get to the menu.
! (See #1) :-)

	Does this beta 5 version have a (menu)->Modules->Pager ?  If so,
this will restart just the pager, and will be much quicker.  As for why it
just suddenly stops, I don't know.  Are there any errors?  Had youchanged
something?  switched desks? looked at the screen wrong? Surely it just
doesn't die without you doing anything. (?)

! Other than that, everything seems to be wonderful!
! BTW-  Found these bugs on an SGI O2 with a TrueColor visual.
! Ben

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