Re: .workspace_state [was Re: startmenu updating]

Rob Lingelbach
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 18:22:41 -0500

On Oct 7, 18:15, David Mihm wrote:
} Subject: .workspace_state [was Re: startmenu updating]

> 	The default behavior of 1.4+ (or around there) is to save all the
> windows that are *open when you exit* AS to the ~/G/L/A/.workspace_state
> file; so that they open back up in the original location the next time you
> open AS.  This behaviour was buggy, and didn't always set the geometry
> and options correctly, but a patch to 1.5beta3 (or somewhere around 
> there) fixed that bug.  If you have commented out the Exec "I" sh
> ...workspace_state line in the autoexec file, then it won't start the
> programs that were saved.

thanks for the info, but ~/G/L/A/.workspace_state is not created, nor
is it updated if it exists as a zero-length file, when I exit AS.  I
am running here..  I thought this could only happen if I
had NO_SAVEWINDOWS defined, but I have commented out the define in
configure.h before build.  is there a way to print out the
configuration of the binary?


> 	Currently, all the man pages are being brought up to date in their
> syntax and correctness. 1.5.0 will have all correct man pages.
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