Re: ASClock shows wrong time

Ron Thompson (
Fri, 09 Oct 1998 08:53:57 -0700

Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:

> > Actually, just to let you all know, Kevin Chu had the easy fix for me.
> > It turns out that asclock was trying to refer to the incorrect timezone
> > directory, and this is a known problem with RedHat 5.0 (and still is wrong
> > with 5.1 obviously, since that's what I run).
> > All you need to do is make the link between /usr/lib/zoneinfo and
> > /usr/share/zoneinfo
> Semantics check... (Don't take offense.)  If the problem is with RedHat
> 5.x, and no ASclock, then ASclock is not referring to an *incorrect
> timezone directory*, it is looking in the *right* place, it's just that
> *RedHat* is broken and has it in the wrong place.  I don't much care for
> the idea that RedHat (developers or their users) might be misleading
> people to believe that their mistakes are the fault of other software, it
> tends to lead one to think that being near Redmond is affecting them
> adversely.  :(

Hehehe... I used to live near Redmond.  And actually, it has some great places
to rock climb, not to mention the fact it has my favorite sandwich place,
But.... I think Kevin was right, and so are you, it is a system problem because
I think I downloaded an older libc5 version, instead of a glibc.  So in
actuality, nothing's really -broken-, it's just a version difference.  Change
is good.  I -could- go download a glibc asclock, I just didn't know that's what
I had until the solution was found anyways.

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