Re: ASClock shows wrong time

Kevin Chu (
Fri, 09 Oct 1998 13:46:42 -0700

Dagmar d'Surreal wrote:

> > Actually, just to let you all know, Kevin Chu had the easy fix for me.
> > It turns out that asclock was trying to refer to the incorrect timezone
> > directory, and this is a known problem with RedHat 5.0 (and still is wrong
> > with 5.1 obviously, since that's what I run).
> > All you need to do is make the link between /usr/lib/zoneinfo and
> > /usr/share/zoneinfo
> Semantics check... (Don't take offense.)  If the problem is with RedHat
> 5.x, and no ASclock, then ASclock is not referring to an *incorrect
> timezone directory*, it is looking in the *right* place, it's just that
> *RedHat* is broken and has it in the wrong place.  I don't much care for
> the idea that RedHat (developers or their users) might be misleading
> people to believe that their mistakes are the fault of other software, it
> tends to lead one to think that being near Redmond is affecting them
> adversely.  :(

I think Ron just made a little typo there.  I personally don't
proofread emails as much as I would say, user manuals, because emails
are so informal.  Ron clearly wrote that the time issue is a known
problem with the Red Hat distribution (5.x).  We clearly wrote that
the solution for a Red Hat installation is in the Red Hat errata. 
Nobody is trying to mislead people into thinking that bugs in the Red
Hat distro are the fault of other software.  In this case, it is a bug
that has to do with compatibility with libc5 apps.


Kevin Chu