~/GNUstep or ~/.GNUstep

Randall Hopper (aa8vb@vislab.epa.gov)
Wed, 11 Nov 1998 09:52:47 -0500

6) Finally (and I left this for last because it may be political), I detest 
   apps that insist on having visible (non-dot) config
   files/dirs in my home directory.  The last two times I've build
   AfterStep, I've updated all the "GNUstep" directory refs to be ".GNUstep".
   This directory name assumption is duplicated in a number of places.
   While this change is certainly doable using a Perl script, it'd be nice
   to have one place this is defined so users could more easily customize
   to taste.  Of course I'd prefer if the default were just changed to 
   ~/.GNUstep (with a leading ".").


Again, great work on the continuing AfterStep development.  Thanks for a
great window manager!

Randall Hopper

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