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Fri, 13 Nov 1998 12:24:52 -0500 (EST)

Hi all,

On Fri, 13 Nov 1998, Tony Nugent wrote:

> Can someone please tell me why they (redhat? wmconfig? xinit rpm?) set
> things up like this, to deliberately overwrite all my configuration files
> each time it is started up?

In the FAQ, there's some speculation (not mine, someone sent it to me)
that Red Hat did this in order to ensure that new apps on the system get
added to the startmenu.  This is a compelling explanation, even if it
isn't an official one.

Also in the FAQ is one method which apparently works to shut this
behaviour off.  For another one, I offer an e-mail that I just received

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>From Fri Nov 13 12:21:08 1998
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 1998 17:57:11 +0200
From: Kai Puolamaki <>
Subject: AfterStep FAQ / RedHat problem


I was reading your FAQ on changing startmenu in AfterStep. It
mentioned a problem with RedHat Linux: the RedHat rewrites the
~/G/L/start-directory each time a new session is started. You also
proposed to fix it by modifying the X-init-files. There is a better
way to do it, however.

RedHat 5.2 uses wmconfig utility that automagically re-creates the
window manager configuration files each time the window manager is
started. The setup is read from a system-wide directory
/etc/X11/wmconfig and from a user-specific directory ~/.wmconfig. Now
if I for example want to add a menu "Mail" containing Mutt and Elm
email clients to the start-menu I would add the following files to the
~/.wmconfig directory:

mutt name "Mutt"
mutt description "Mutt email client"
mutt group Mail
mutt exec "xterm -e mutt &"

elm name "Elm"
elm description "Elm email client"
elm group Mail
elm exec "xterm -e elm &"

The syntax is quite obvious, more information can be found from the
wmconfig documentation.

The big advantage in using wmconfig is that if I would change to a
different window manager (or upgrade it) all my menus would
automatically remain the same. Furthermore, if I add a new RPM-package
it can add itself easily to the menus, independent of the specific
window manager.

Best wishes, Kai Puolamaki

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I'll add this information to the next version of the FAQ.

> IMHO, ~/GNUstep should be called ~/.GNUstep to "hide" the directory.

Please, PLEASE, don't re-start that old war again.  ~/GNUstep is what the
GNUstep project settled on, so that's what it is.


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