Re: theme config strategy

Doug Alcorn (
30 Oct 1998 16:14:26 -0500

Tomas Duewiger <> writes:

> BTW is it useful to change the feel file? Feel files are very custom made
> for every user I think and they won't be changed that often. Also it's
> good to got some different feel files for different kind of jobs to do
> (because of the key bindings) and to be able to change them apart from the 
> look.

Right now the titlebarbutton pixmaps are defined in the feel
file. This is a Bad Thing. I have talked on the IRC channel about this 
and think it should be changed.  The feel file should define how many
buttons are displayed in the titlebar.  The look file should define
what pixmaps go with what buttons.  In the even that a pixmap is
defined in the look file but the button is not called for in the feel
file, just don't draw the button.  However, if the button is called
for in the feel file but no pixmap is specified in the look file, an
ugly black square should be drawn.  An opposing point of view was
expressed on #afterstep that unless both the look and feel files
specify a button, it should not be drawn.

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