Re: Upgrading from to 1.5-0.7

Tony Nugent (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:58:28 +1000

On Fri Nov 13 1998 at 10:22, Tony Nugent wrote:

[about upgrading with the rpm from RH5.2]

> This is what I would recommend from my experiences.

> Then go through the new config files... there are some big differences, and
> I had to make quite a lot of changes to integrate my old setup files to
> work better with the new features. (eg, my custom-built Wharf and Zharf
> modules, look.*, feel.* files, and so on).

I should have mentioned that if you are using the old {W,X,Y,Z}Pager
modules, the relevant symbolic links no longer exist by default... I had to
recreate them for myself.