extending some of the menus

Tony Nugent (Tony.Nugent@usq.edu.au)
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 10:47:49 +1000

AS-1.4.5 and AS-1.5 (on two RH5.1 linux boxes that I regularly use).  What
is described here applies to both versions.

I have managed to extend some of the menus in some nice ways.

For example, I have:

Start -> Screen Savers -> Without password ->  } A-G ->  } lots
                       -> With password    ->  } H-M ->  }  of
                                               } N-S ->  } possible
                                               } T-Z ->  } choices

Works really well.  (The subdirectories have lots of options sorted

In fact, I have a dirty little perl script that writes all the xlock
commands into the relevant files, so that I can change it all very easily
any time I want.  Way cool.

What I have also tried to do is a similar thing with the backgrounds... I
have set up a similar series of subdirectories in:


but when I try to use it, all I get on the menu are the directory names and
none of their contents.  :-(

Is there a way to get this working with the backgrounds?



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