Re: Pager Borders

L. Jack Reese (
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 16:26:26 -0700

   >The previous version of the Pager would not draw the borders around
   >the outsede of the pager when swallowed into the wharf. It only
   >painted the borders between the separate desktops.  I liked this
   >behavior but I can't find an option to make it operate that way now.

   Not anymore. The border you see is suppose to be a border surrounding

   >Is there a way to do this?

   If that is desired - we can add an option to do that, just send me your

I really liked putting the pager in the wharf on a concave button with
just the interior borders showing. I selected the texture icon so that
the texture flows seamlessly across the button. I vote for it.


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