transparent pixmaps (not xterms, I promise)

Tim Kay (
Sun, 15 Nov 1998 13:42:22 +0000

First post from a newbie lurker.

I've got AfterStep up and running perfectly, truly excellent. The only
problem is while attempting to customise virtually everything I've
d'loaded loads of pixmaps for icons etc. Some of them wont show when
loaded into the warf and when I view them with Imagemagick it warns me

Color is not known to X server : Transparent.

obviously transparent is not in rgb.txt 'cause its not a colour, my Q is
- how do I get X to recognise transparent as a colour or do I have to
edit and save all the files w/ this error. X does indeed show
transparent icons  - eg the Lyx default icon correctly so I can't
understand whats going on.

Tim Kay

Middlesex University dept. of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive