Re: "escape" key?

Tony Nugent (
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 15:13:37 +1000

On Sun Nov 15 1998 at 17:43, Ethan wrote:

> > Is there an "escape" key that I can use with afterstep that will allow me
> > to do this?

Thanks for your informative reply... you've answered my question.

I might go about rebinding things to Ctrl-Alt-whatever, or specifically to
either the left or right Alt/Ctrl/Shift keys.  Whatever works :)  Thanks to
you I now know how to go about doing this (and very easily, too).

> If you want the keybinding to be active only in a selected application
> or window, there is currently no way to do this.  Would people like to
> see this feature implemented? (note that I'm not volunteering to implement
> it; I'll just add it to the TODO list)

Yes, good idea... please put this onto the TODO list!  :)