Re: "escape" key?

Kris Coward (
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 23:07:09 -0500 (EST)

>  > Is there an "escape" key that I can use with afterstep that will allow me
>  > to do this?
>  If you want the keybinding to be active only in a selected application 
>  or window, there is currently no way to do this.  Would people like to 
>  see this feature implemented? (note that I'm not volunteering to implement 
>  it; I'll just add it to the TODO list)

Alternately, we could make life really fun for people with old X servers by
using NumLock as a binding modifier, i.e. having afterstep only process the
keybinding if NumLock is on.

Perhaps ./configure should detect whether the X server is R5 or R6 and
set/clear a compilation flag appropriately.

Kris Coward