Re: Change the Wharf icon on-the-fly

Albert Dorofeev
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:45:41 +0100 (CET)

Thadeu Penna writes:
> Is it possible to change any wharf icon on-the-fly? Let me explain what I
> want: as a Portuguese speaker , and sometimes a writer too, I have to
> change frequently the keyboard configuration to use dead-keys (using
> xmodmap). My idea is to click in the Wharf and run "xmodmap
> portuguese.xpm" and change the icon to P.xpm, for instance. If the icon is
> P.xpm and I click in the Wharf, it changes to E.xpm and run "xmodmap
> english.xpm". Since most developers of AS are non-american people, I think
> it could be of interest to them ;)

Well, I think the brute force approach should be ok
in this case. What you need is a swallowable applet
that would react on clicking by executing commands.

You would need a set of carefully written modmaps
and a couple of icons but that's about it.

Anybody cares to write it?


Albert Dorofeev
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