Re: Pager Borders (examples)
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 15:08:09 -0600

>On Fri Nov 13 1998 at 16:48, "L. Jack Reese" wrote:
>> I thought I'd supply a couple of images to show what I tried to
>> I just simulated the look with GIMP.
>> This is the look I was going for...
>Yes, I agree... much nicer without borders.

>I too cast a vote for such an option  :)

>(Not only for Swallow'ed modules like Pager, but it could be useful
>generally on a per-instance basis).


Ok, We are now at feature freez state, so as soon as 1.5 comes out, I'll
release code for this change as patch
and it will make in to 1.5.1 (possibly)