Re: Window Titlebars buried under WinList

Randall Hopper (
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 06:31:09 -0500

Jeff Jadwin:
 |Randall Hopper wrote:
 |> 3) I have my WinList at the top of the screen.  Afterstep likes to
 |>    place new windows for some apps at the top (under WinList) so I can't
 |>    get at the title bars to move it.  How do can I stop this (if I can't
 |>    tell the app to force-position itself in a different place).
 |You can still move the window by right-clicking and dragging it by the
 |resize handles at the bottom of the window.  This doesn't exactly answer
 |your question, but it solves the prblem of not being able to move the

Ok.  Well, that must be look- or feel-dependent.  When I click on the
bottom window decorations with any button, it activates a resize action.

Look and feel is something I haven't yet smoothed out yet.  I suspect I'm
going to have to dig in and figure out how to override Afterstep presets
and define my own look and feel.  None of the presets give me the control I
want.  Circa v1.0, I had all this configured, but it didn't translate well
to the new setup.


Randall Hopper