Re: Window Titlebars buried under WinList

Tony Nugent (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 11:14:52 +1000

On Tue Nov 17 1998 at 13:58, Andrew Sullivan wrote:

> > The trouble is, the window functions are only available via the button on
> > the top titlebar.  Not too sure how to configure this yet.  As a
> > hack-around (until I define my own feel), I'm running Zharf which has the
> > Move function.
> Actually, you can also get the move function from the startmenu.  It's
> under "Windows" or "Window ops" in most versions.

I found it an almost trivial thing to define a set of menus in a "feel"
file that gave me a whole bunch of window ops available with the middle
mouse button.

It just so happens that my doing this was motivated by becoming frustrated
with loosing top titlebars underneath the WinList bar :)  Besides, having
the middle and right buttons doing the same thing on the desktop seemed
like an opportunity for me to do something "creative"  :-)