Re: WinList patch available

Sasha V (
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 22:10:25 -0600

Rafal Wierzbicki wrote:
> Hi,
>         I submitted a patch that adds support for pixmapped backgrounds in
> WinList, since it will not be included in the 1.6 release of AfterStep I
> will make it available for those who are interested.  You can download the
> patch at  If
> you want to look before you download,
> The patch should apply cleanly to all AfterStep 1.5 releases since it only
> modifies files in src/WinList.  To apply it, copy it to the WinList
> directory in your AS source tree and type patch -p3 < winlist-patch.

Your patch does sounds interesting, and look very nice.
The only sugestion I've got is that you should not use  LoadImageEx to
images - use LoadImage or LoadImageWithMask.
Idea is that LoadImageEx is an internal layer and can be modifyed in
meanwhile LoadImage and LoadImageWithMask are interface functions hiding

I belive we'll include your patch in 1.5.1 release, just as soon as 1.5
comes out.

Thanks for your contribution, and you are wellcome to do more
development :)


>  Ralf Wierzbicki