Warning! X crashes while using shaped asapps and wmapps !

Thu, 19 Nov 1998 09:30:49 -0600

Following is the warning for everyone, using asapps and wmapps:

XFree86 has some bugs in shaped windows extension handling code, as the
result nasty behavior
can be observed: X crashes when application that is using X shaped
extension gets overlapped by
other window, while shaping it's window ( generaly startup time ).

This behavior can be observed when using 2 or more wharfs, and swallowing
asapps and/or wmapps
in more then one of them. That happens if you do not wait for them while
starting from autoexec.

The possible  solution is - add Wait line for each wharf in autoexec file
like so:

     Module  "I"     Wharf
     Wait       "I"     Wharf

Also: dont place menu in the upper left corner, or above Wharf while
starting them.


Andrew Sullivan  : I beleve - that needs to be added to FAQ
Ethan : That is the possible reason why Lathi and Tigr had problems while
starting AS

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