Re: avoiding redundancy between ~/GNUstep and /usr/local/share/afterstep

Doug Alcorn (
23 Nov 1998 15:11:08 -0500

"Benjamin J. Tracy" <> writes:

> however, I noticed that it relied on the ~/GNUstep hierarchy.  So, what I
> did was I symlinked my ~/GNUstep/Library/AfterStep directory to
> /usr/local/share/afterstep, then rebuilt the start menu, applied my a few
> Are there any dangers in doing this?  Obviously if you have more than one
> user using AS, this is a Bad Thing (tm) to do, but for systems with one
> user, this may be ok.. Comments? Analysis? 

Some of the others might comment more on this.  My personal opinion is 
that there is not that much stuff in the /u/l/s/a that needs to be
moved to ~/g/l/a.  So, it's not like you're saving much disk space.  I
like to leave /u/l/s/a alone so that i can have a backup of the
default stuff...  But, since you are the only user of your box (as
many, many Linux users are), it is your preference.  If the scripts
work with the symlinks, good.  If you are unhappy having the symlinks, 
you can edit the scripts to work off different dirs.  Fairly high up
in the scripts (like the first non-comment lines) are variables
defining directory locations.  You could change the directory
locations for both and and not impact 
anyone but yourself (i think).

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