Re: avoiding redundancy between ~/GNUstep and /usr/local/share/afterstep

David Mihm (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 22:49:38 -0600 (CST)

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, The Spirit of the Black Panther wrote:

! David Mihm wrote:
! >
! >         Fear not my feathered friends, one of the first modifications that
! > will come after 1.6.0 (aka 1.5-final, since the majority won the debate of
! > moving to kernel style tree with 2 on-going trees, devel and stable- you
! > know who you are (: ) will be the ability to have *just* the files you
! > want in your ~/G/L/A tree and then use an ".include" type file which
! > points to inclue the ones in /u/l/s/a - pretty cool huh? :)
! Umm - That is in place w/ 1.5beta5 - Without SymLinks or includes - I have
! wharf, audio and start in ~/G/L/A and everything else in /u/l/s/a..  Or is
! this just a fluke in RH? :>:>

	Okay, I see I was unclear.  I'm talking (start)menu here.  Aside
from the space of the images, the start/ tree is the largest use of space;
at least with the huge menu that used to be included, but is now widdled
down to only (*typically*) standard programs people would have.  [One of
my biggest gripes with people was asking - "I click on 'Uncle Bob's Recipe
Book' in the menu and it don't do nuthin', this AfterStep sucks!"].

	So now, (really as always and my basic premis to my mail) was
that the share directory is and should not be the place for configuration;
obviously since it could so easily get wiped out so easily.  And this is
one of the pitfalls of having the duplicity of the start/ tree structure
(if used as a global configu place even), it was an all or none type
thing.  Admin B creates user L's ~/G/L/A tree; L finds out about ability
for his own start/ tree and creates an entry - POOF, nothing in the tree
except what L put in.  Surely [general] you can see how this is a
BadThing.  Hence the need for these ".include" files, at least if user L
hasn't learned the -a option to ls, at least major files/trees (like Quit
& Update startmenu et al) can be maintained.

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