Re: GNU OpenStep

Jan Sacharuk (
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 15:41:10 -0700 (MST)

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, John Lewis wrote:

@>It seems to me that resources are being squandered in developing 3 (or is it 4)
@>similar window-managers. Wouldn't it be more profitable (in terms of getting
@>bug-free and stable apps etc.) for all the developers to concentrate on one wm?
@>Isn't there too much fragmentation of effort in this field? It isn't just
@>GNUstep/AfterStep but KDE, Gnome, Enlightenment etc plus the commercial efforts
@>like CDE and so on and the multiplicity of apps written for these

Resources aren't being 'squandered'. They're only being squandered if
there was something that they were *supposed* to be doing, and then
were misallocated or some such. Afterstep, windowmaker and
Enlightenment all came about from people that wanted something done
about window managers, and how they looked. They took it upon
themselves to try and make something better. 

@>Where would the linux kernel be today if people had gone in different directions
@>pursuing their own ideas of how it should be developed. I suspect it is now
@>impossible for anyone to cry halt and get all this effort channeled into two or
@>three possibilities. 

Why would we want to in any case? Besides, Linux is about *increasing*
diversity in the face of the MicroSoft beast, not restricting it. 
People want different things. Why make it so that they can only do
*one* thing? Linux is also about being able to do anything that you

And in direct answer to your question about where linux would be, I
think it would be in the same situation as the BSD camp, which has
several different distributions/flavours of that OS. NetBSD, OpenBSD,

@>Just my thoughts after taking a look at what is currently available. My
@>preference is for the GNUstep look. The screenshot of the desktop on the
@>UNofficial site is just a bit more exciting than I have been able to get with
@>AS. The icons are snappier and the background more interesting than back.xpm
@>which I am currently using.

Well, then you can move to that look, if you like it better. See what
a great thing diversity is? :)
I, for instance, really like the way enlightenment looks, but don't
want to put up with it while it's still in such a developmental
stage. I like AS better than anything else besides that, and am glad
that I have the choice to use it.

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