'ascp' functionality.

Paul J. Bolle (brutal.truth@home.com)
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 12:12:02 -0700 (MST)

	I'm not entirely sure if directing this at the 'ascp'
developers would have been more appropriate, but I figured this would
be a good place to start.

	I started playing around with 'ascp' round about the 0.9
release, but when I recently picked up 0.9.2, and then 0.9.3, I
noticed my problem followed me.

	My bet is this is an obvious solution I've probably
overlooked, but I still can't see my error. 'ascp' compiles properly,
and runs just fine, but can't find any icons whatsoever (ie. the
Wharf buttons), so any changes I make to it pretty much destroy my
Wharf config. I realize the user path is ~/G/L/A/ and so forth, but I
don't think 'ascp' does. For that matter, the global directory's icons
(/usr/share/afterstep/) seem to be ignored as well. I do have the
appropriate paths (including my own customized ones) set in the
'base.*bpp' files, but they don't appear to help.

	It's an awfully nice looking utility, and I'd really like to
be able to use it, so if this sounds familiar or rectifiable to
anyone, I'd really appreciate a solution.

	"TIA", as the colloquial goes...


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