Re: theme config strategy

Tomas Duewiger (
30 Oct 1998 18:37:06 +0100 (Albert Dorofeev) writes:

> I heard this on IRC a few days ago but I totally forgot about it. Now I
> suddenly remembered so I post this to keep the information from
> disappearing :)
> So, somebody was asking if it is possible to configure the decorations not
> only by changing look, background picture etc one by one but to add
> something like themes.
> You would have a menu of themes and when you choose one AS would read the
> description of the theme and change all the attributes at once according
> to the theme.  This may include Wharf background, root window background,
> look, feel, something else?

The winlist at least should be changed too. To push it to the limits it
would also be nice if the zharf (though I don't use it), ident, and maybe
also the forms could be changed from within a theme. That would make it
more easy to write themes for 8bpp displays, because not one color cell
would be wasted. 
The database will get a bit hairy I think, but would fit good into a
theme, because of the icon definitions. 


Tomas Duewiger