Re: 'ascp' functionality.

Ethan (
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 02:47:42 -0800 (PST)

On Fri, 30 Oct 1998, Paul J. Bolle wrote:

> 	I'm not entirely sure if directing this at the 'ascp'
> developers would have been more appropriate, but I figured this would
> be a good place to start.

The ascp developers read this list, so this is a good place to ask.

> 	I started playing around with 'ascp' round about the 0.9
> release, but when I recently picked up 0.9.2, and then 0.9.3, I
> noticed my problem followed me.
> 	My bet is this is an obvious solution I've probably
> overlooked, but I still can't see my error. 'ascp' compiles properly,
> and runs just fine, but can't find any icons whatsoever (ie. the
> Wharf buttons), so any changes I make to it pretty much destroy my
> Wharf config. I realize the user path is ~/G/L/A/ and so forth, but I
> don't think 'ascp' does. For that matter, the global directory's icons
> (/usr/share/afterstep/) seem to be ignored as well. I do have the
> appropriate paths (including my own customized ones) set in the
> 'base.*bpp' files, but they don't appear to help.

ascp 0.9.3 searches the following directories for icon pixmaps:


ascp does not use the PixmapPath defined in base.#bpp, currently.  If 
you have your configuration (or pixmaps) stored in an unusual location 
such as /usr/share/afterstep, change configure.h to reflect this before 
compiling ascp:

/* use this: */
#define ASSHAREPATH  "/usr/share/afterstep"
/* instead of this: */
/* #define ASSHAREPATH  "/usr/local/share/afterstep" */

Ethan Fischer