Re: Icon behavior & background pixmaps.
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 08:36:57 -0600

Paul J. Bolle wrote :

>> Maybe a permissions problem?  If not, try moving your GNUstep to a
>> and re-installing AS.
>    Permissions in respect to which? All the aforementioned
>pixmaps look okay... Is there something else that needs looking at?
>    I have re-installed AS just as a "shot in the dark", earlier
>on, and it doesn't appear to have affected this at all. I know it
>worked at one time, but I can't remember how far back. I haven't used
>this function in quite a while, and therefore can't see myself doing
>anything obvious to hamper its' ability.
>> You're welcome. :)

It looks like you have bad Pager configuration.
See if you have *PagerXPM (for versions prior to 1.5beta5 ) or
*PagerDesktopImage (for 1.5beta5)
in there for each desk you use, and it is pointing to
#( for desk 0 )
*PagerDesktopImage       0
#( for desk 1 )
*PagerDesktopImage      1

and so on

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