Re: Icon behavior & background pixmaps.
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 17:13:28 -0600

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Sasha Vasko
11/02/98 04:39 PM

To:   "P.J. Bolle" <>,
Subject:  Re: Icon behavior & background pixmaps.

>On Mon, 2 Nov 1998 wrote:

>> Looks like you start pager from wharf ? If so send me wharf pls
>    Yup. Included.

>> You still have bad pixmaps for WPager, XPager, ZPager
>> so if you start any of those, instead of just Pager - you will get into
>> troubles.
>    Those are the ones I reset to your suggestions (hence the
>commented out lines; I only use WPager & XPager), but as I mentioned,
>it didn't seem to change anything. I still ended up with the tiled
>Pager background instead of the different wallpaper I was attempting
>to cycle through.

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That's what !

Close look to you Wharf file revealed that you start not Pager, but WPager
and XPager :
*Wharf Workspace         - SwallowModule "WPager" WPager 0 0 &
*Wharf Studio            - SwallowModule "XPager" XPager 1 1 &

and look what you have specified for those :
*WPagerXPM            0
*XPagerXPM            1

Change these to what I've sugested:
*WPagerXPM            0
*XPagerXPM            1