Re: theme config strategy

Doug Alcorn (
02 Nov 1998 09:53:47 -0500

Ethan <> writes:

> 2. The number of titlebuttons displayed is entirely determined by the 
>    Mouse keyords in the feel file.  If there is a binding defined, then 
>    the button will be shown - otherwise it will not be shown, even 
>    if there is a pixmap defined for it.  If there is no pixmap defined, 
>    the button will be drawn without a pixmap.
> 3. The number of titlebuttons displayed is determined by the intersection 
>    of the sets of buttons referenced in look and feel.  Only if there is 
>    both a binding, and a pixmap, will the button be shown.

I would like to see either of these two options.  The number of
buttons on the title bar is within what I call the "Feel".  I
personally am one of those guys who likes less buttons rather than
more.  I would also like to be able to use any themes that are
produced.  If the look file is the exclusive place where buttons are
defined, I will have to edit every theme I use.  That does not seem
like a very good implementation of themes to me.

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