Re: AS on FreeBSD help needed
Mon, 2 Nov 1998 09:00:32 -0600


>I am the port maintainer for FreeBSD.  I'll be honest I haven't mucked
>around much lately w/ the betas because:
>    1) I've been VERY busy.
>    2) I could never get the jpeg support to work and I got disgusted
>       and gave up.  I finally got the configure script to find the
>       jpeg libraries (and that was a chore since I don't understand
>       configure at all) but then during the compile it dies when it
When playing with configure, you should modify in /autoconf
that is much more easy then configure  :)
After you modifyed, run autoconf in that dir. That will create
new configure for you.
some more doc on configure, you can find at :

>       tries to use -ljpeg!   Grrrr.....
That's why it was not able to find it. To find the lib configure tryes to
compile simple prog,
with one of the functions
from the lib in it. If it fails due to some reason - configure will assume
that you have no lib.
For instance I can't get PNG lib to get detected and compiled in, even thou
I have lib installed. The
problem is that I have my libc all messed up, and it cannot find pow() when
trying to load libPNG.
That makes libPNG of absolutely  no use for me.