Re: what are XYWZPager for?
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 12:04:34 -0600

>This question can be a very silly one, so I apologize in advance.  It
>is not clear to me however why should I need them (in the 1.5beta5). It
>seems to me that Pager(Desktop)Image options take into account all these
>options, since almost everybody uses the Geometry and Fonts to all Pagers.
>Am I missing anything?

Starting Pager under different names, using symlinks, provides greater
Configuration from the pager file ( that is also works for Wharf and other
modules )
is read based upon the name, program was started under.
For instance starting Pager as XPager will cause it to read all the entries
like that:

ignoring rest of the config file.
Accordingly all the entries starting with *Pager will be ignored.

That allows you to start few incarnations of Pager modules with the
different configurations,
for instance you can start four Pager each for 1 desk, and place them in
different corners
of the screen, by specifying different geometry, like that:

*WPagerGeometry    +1+1
*XPagerGeometry     -1+1
*YPagerGeometry    +1-1
*ZPagerGeometry    -1-1

and to startem them, you will have to put  the following in to your
autoexec file:

     Module  "I"     WPager 0 0
     Module  "I"     XPager 1 1
     Module  "I"     YPager 2 2
     Module  "I"     ZPager 3 3

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