RE: Launching top from asload

David LaMothe (
Tue, 03 Nov 1998 21:52:44 -0500 (EST)

On 03-Nov-98 Stephen Loewinsohn wrote:
>I have asload running on the wharf icon bar, and I was wondering if
>there is a way to launch "xterm -e top" by clicking on asload.

I'm a "new AS" newbie, so please take this is as a guideline only, but what
you're trying to do was the default setup of my old AS 1.0. The corresponding
lines from my old .steprc, which would now go in your wharf file, were:

*Wharf xload nil  Swallow "xload" xload -nolabel -hl PaleGreen1 -bg black -fg
PaleGreen1 -geometry 48x48-1-1 &
#immediately followed by:
*Wharf xload nil  Exec "" xterm -geometry +63+96 -ut -T top -e top &

The man page for asload should reveal if the same switches as the xload
ones apply. Also judging from my present wharf file, the "nil" can be replaced
by a dash (-).