Re: IconBox placement.

Vincent Lee (
Sun, 08 Nov 1998 15:37:15 PST

Could someone help me install this thing? I untarred 1.5 and ran 
install.script. The second part of the make does not find my files for 
X11. How do I configure this?

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Date: Sun, 8 Nov 1998 14:29:17 -0700 (MST)
From: "P.J. Bolle" <>
To: AfterStep Mailing List <>
Subject: IconBox placement.

	Just a little esthetic quirk I noticed, and was wondering if
anyone else knows of...

	I figured out how to make a vertically defined IconBox,
however, there's one thing I can't seem to find. I have IconTitle
enabled in my feel, and in this IconBox, the title of the first icon
overlays the top of the second icon, etc...

	Is there a way to specify a "buffer zone" between icons in the
IconBox, so that the icon's title is actually above the next icon down
in the box?

	Also, just as a minor curiosity, the FAQ mentions that IconBox
geometry is like the general geometry statement; yet I can't seem to
understand why, of the four specified numbers, the last two seem to
behave oddly. If I specify any numbers other than "-1 -1", AS treats
it as if the expression were invalid (as per an earlier problem of
mine posted to this list, where a window would iconify to its'
upper-right corner instead of an IconBox). I understand the first two
numbers relay the start of the IconBox, but if you'll all pardon my
apparent ignorance, what do these last two numbers indicate? What have
I done that causes only "-1 -1" to be valid for those?

	(Possibly) Necessary info: AS 1.5b5, desktop size=1152x900,
(current) IconBox definition="1100 200 -1 -1".

	Many, many TIA. <grin>


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