Re: 1.5 dosent find X11 [was Re: IconBox placement.]

Doug Alcorn (
09 Nov 1998 10:20:10 -0500

David Mihm <> writes:

> ./configure --help
> 	This lists the options to give to set the config dirs.  Assuming
> you have the X11 headers (XFree86-devel):
> ./configure --x-includes=DIR --x-libraries=DIR
> should set the directory locations. /usr/X11 should be a symlink to
> /usr/X11R6/ .

This is a common problem.  Many folks don't have the devel versions of 
the libraries installed.  It is also not a thing that is easy to
explain to someone new to Linux/Unix.  Andrew, could we put a line in
the FAQ about needing the includes that come in the devel packages?

I know that some of the folks on this list and EfNet #afterstep
advocate always building everything from source (i.e. slackware
phylosophy), but the reality of our community is that RedHat has
market share for Linux distrobutions.  We can live with this or not,
but I suggest living with it.

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