Re: theme config strategy

Tomas Duewiger (
30 Oct 1998 20:01:13 +0100

"Benjamin J. Tracy" <> writes:

> To be perfectly honest, I would say that we needn't worry that much about
> 8bpp.  I still have 8bpp on my PC at home, but I'm actively looking to get
> a new card, and most machines now come with cards that have at least 2MB
> of video ram, which is capable of doing 16 bit at most home-user
> resolutions. My point is this: I don't think the number of 8 bit users is
> going to make it worth it to make a huge effort to support them.

I understand that point of view, and the 8bpp argument is only 1 thing
that would be more easy to do with complete themes.
I think, if there will be theme support, the themes should support _all_
modules. If you want to switch to a theme with all dark colors and the
winlist stays white, it looks uncomplete IMHO. That you can then easily
create 8bpp themes is a nice side-effect. I mean, if the themes would only 
change the look, feel and the look of the wharf, they would be only
extended look files. 

BTW is it useful to change the feel file? Feel files are very custom made
for every user I think and they won't be changed that often. Also it's
good to got some different feel files for different kind of jobs to do
(because of the key bindings) and to be able to change them apart from the 


Tomas Duewiger