Multiple Wharf and Pager Names

L. Jack Reese (
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 11:46:57 -0700

I just upgraded to the afterstep RPMs that come with RedHat 5.2 and I
had to make a couple changes that I don't understand the reason for.

1) I had trouble getting the new balloons to wark on my wharfs. I use
   2 wharfs and I could only get the balloons to work on one of them,
   and I had to rename all the configuration entries back to "Wharf*"
   rather than using "MyWharf*" to get them working. Is there some
   setting that I am missing.

2) Similar problem on my pager(s). I had four of them (W, X, Y, Z)
   swallowed in a second wharf. They did not work. Only the one that I
   renamed back to "Pager*".

3) Also, how do I make the mouse pointer NOT warb on deiconify?  This
   is VERY annoying when you deiconify several icons at once.


Jack Reese

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